About us
Mission and vision
Our mission
Compliance and universal cross-border financial services to help China's trade globalization.
Our vision
Founder of the global cross-border settlement network.
Our team
  • Lionel founder
    Served as Global Product Officer of Geoswift Payment Technology, General Manager of Cross-Border Business Unit of Payment Company.
  • Frank Partner
    He has served as an executive of PayPal China; he has worked for SAP, HP, PWC.
  • Vic Partner
    He has served as the technical director of Taomi Technology, and has gathered technical officers and continuous entrepreneurs.
  • Amy Partner
    Take charge of account manager team, worked as the director of account managers in several Internet Financial companys, continuous entrepreneur.
  • Helen
    HK Compliance Officer
    Graduated from a prestigious North American university and served as a compliance officer at various banks and remittance companies.
  • Alan
    US head
    North American financial technology veteran, digital finance expert.
Beepay is a technologically innovative financial company that accesses the interbank foreign exchange market through cutting-edge technology (smart algorithms, big data analytics), uses a superior automatic routing algorithm to open up global payment networks, and monitors transactions with demanding anti-money laundering risk control measures. Provide high-quality compliant financial services such as collection, exchange, and cross-border settlement for cross-border enterprises.
—— Founder Lionel
Our development history
Continue to write the future of Beepay!
70% of cross-border e-commerce TOP100 uses Beepay account
Achieve global strategic cooperation with Standard Chartered Bank
Obtained UK API license
Beepay formed Shanghai company
Complete Pre-A round of financing
Obtained the US MSB license
Obtained Hong Kong MSO license
Beepay was established in Hong Kong