Security & compliance
Compliance is the most important cornerstone of Beepay
Licensed compliance
Beepay also holds mainstream financial market service licenses in Hong Kong, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and is filed with the People's Bank of China and the SAFE
  • Hong Kong MSO Licence
  • US MSB Licence
  • UK API Licence

Directly connected with internationally renowned anti-money laundering agencies, and conducted the most rigorous KYC due diligence on all customer information and transactions.

Beepay is the first licensed Fintech company in China to directly connect with international anti-money laundering agencies. It is also the first licensed Fintech organization in China to strictly implement anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing operations.

Privacy security
Protect customer information with powerful encryption measures, and control information flow with strict system and process. Customer information will never be disclosed to any third party company without your permission
  • User authorization
    The act of collecting and processing customer information is subject to the consent of the information subject.
  • Information desensitization
    Customer sensitive information is desensitized for storage and display.
  • Privacy Policy
    Commit to the relevant behavior of customer information to ensure customer privacy.
  • Encrypted storage
    Customer information is encrypted and re-stored.