Financial empowerment
Beepay + Financial Empowerment
Based on the open platform, it provides hierarchical account management for cross-border e-commerce operations, ERP/CRM/BI software, cross-border logistics and other service providers, so that such enterprises can manage their accounts and funds.
Beepay + Supply Chain Finance
Supply chain finance with innovative credit, financing or financing portfolio, providing complete credit link information for enterprises providing credit, ensuring that the funds used for credit are used in the industry agreed with customers, reducing risks
Beepay + Industrial Finance
Provide full-link fund management and fund distribution solutions, which will form a closed loop of capital links for upstream and downstream enterprises, reduce payment costs, and improve capital turnover efficiency.
Beepay + Industry Finance
Providing an account system for customers such as business travel and education, helping their customers improve the payment experience when using the platform by providing an efficient and seamless cross-border payment process. At the same time, supporting the provision of settlement services, allowing customers to use familiar payment within the territory. Process, enjoy overseas business travel, education and other services.