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A multi-currency account to solve all your global financial needs
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Beepay Service
  • E-commerce recei
    Directly connect with a number of mainstream banks, build a multi-currency account system, and support local collection of major e-commerce platforms.*
  • Recharge
    Support the transfer of money from banks in more than 70 countries around the world, support more than 20 currencies for the transfer of the original currency, and reject the exchange loss.
  • FX
    Directly connected to a number of banks, through the big data algorithm, automatically choose the best price for customers, support free conversion between more than 20 mainstream * currency.
  • Payment
    Directly connect banks and multiple payment channels to build global payment routing, providing customers with efficient and compliant remittance services.
* Currently supports local collections in US dollars, Euros and British pounds. Other currencies such as Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, etc. will be online soon.
Beepay + Financial Empowerment
Based on the open platform, we provide multi-level accounts management for cross-border e-commerce operations, ERP/CRM/BI software, cross-border logistics and other service providers.
Beepay + Supply Chain Finance
We apply innovation to Supply Chain Finance which contains credit granting and financing or financing solely. We also provide entire funds management and transaction track to the mortgage company who focus on crossboarder business.
Beepay + Industrial Finance
We offer full-link solution to funds management and funds distribution , not only create a payment closed cycle for upstream and downstream enterprises, but also reduce costs and improve capital turnover efficiency.
Beepay + Industry Finance
We also provide account systems for platform owner in business travel and education industry which improve their payment experience by providing efficient and flawless cross-border payment procedure.
Security & Compliance
Bank-level compliance
Beepay has a complete KYC due diligence process, and compliance personnel come from the bank and international payment agency PayPal.Strict compliance process has won the compliance of large banks. It became the first cross-border payment technology company in China to collaborate with Standard Chartered Bank in global strategic strategy only after several months of bank review.
Licensed compliance
Obtained the Financial Payment and Foreign Exchange Licence (MSO) issued by the Hong Kong Regulatory Authority, the Financial Payment and Foreign Exchange Licence (PI) issued by the FCA of the UK Financial Supervisory Authority, and the Financial Payment Licence (MSB) issued by the US Financial Supervisory Authority FinCEN; Beepay is only held by Beepay Financial services provided by trading companies in countries and regions
Transaction compliance review
Accuity, an internationally renowned anti-money anti-terrorism financing institution, conducts the most stringent due diligence on customers before entering the network; conducts a trade background compliance review for each transaction of the customer to ensure that the customer and the transaction are fully compliant and legal.
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