Beepay multi-currency account
Technological innovation, a Beepay account meets all scenarios for cross-border financial services

Beepay multi-currency account
Support for 26 major currencies such as $ € £ ¥ HK$ J¥

* Non-mainstream currency can consult Beepay account manager, leave contact information and currency information on the homepage

Cross-border e-commerce platform
International acquirer
multi-currency account
Support North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions, mainstream e-commerce service platform collection, such as Amazon, ebay, shopify, PayPal, etc.
Low rate, fast arrival
multi-currency account
Support banks in more than 70 countries (excluding high-risk areas), transfer of more than 20 mainstream currencies .(*)
multi-currency account
$ 1000
interbank exchange rates
¥ 6888.88
*This data is for reference only. Please contact Beeepay Senior Account Manager for details.
The more you change, the more you earn.
Beepay uses the cutting-edge technology to connect the interbank foreign exchange market, obtain preferential price for customers, and increase the customer's foreign exchange earnings.At the same time support the current lock service, so that customers no longer worry about exchange rate fluctuations.
multi-currency account
Global payment
Direct access to global local payment networks Get money quickly, faster, and lower rates. Support the payment of funds to bank accounts in more than 70 countries and regions (except high-risk areas).
Multi-service mode
Provide seamless and efficient service to customers and partners through an online service platform and an open platform interface.
SAAS online platform
Provide fast and efficient online merchant service platform, easy to operate, efficient, and open for use. A comprehensive and unique data display and reporting system on the platform makes it easy and accurate to understand the financial trends.
A stable and fast API seamlessly interfaces with customers' existing systems. Automated data docking eliminates the need for cumbersome manual operations to accurately meet your company's large-scale cross-border payment needs.